De Orm

Do you want to become the new owner of Viking ship The ORM ?

Viking Henri does not have eternal life and comes to an age where it becomes difficult to be a captain on a Viking ship.
So it's time to think about what will happen to the ORM when the old Viking chief is gone.

Preferably, he would like a real Viking burial as it happened 1 000 years ago.
The deceased was placed on his ship, which was then sent to sea on fire.
Unfortunately, this is prohibited by law in the Netherlands.
Moreover, it would be a shame to set fire to such a beautiful ship.

So the Viking ship is now for sale.
A search is being made for a new destination for the ship, namely :
1. Keeping the vessel in service.
This could be someone or a group who wants to sail the Viking ship themselves.
2. Display the ship.
Think of a company or institution that wants to use the ship as a public attraction at a company / exhibition and that wants to set it up indoors.

Naturally, the new owner will also have to maintain the wooden ship.

The general dimensions of the ship, in meters, are :
lenght 10 m
width   2,5 m
height   2,7 m
mast   7 m
ra   5 m
the lowest navigable bridge   2,1 m
( by removing the ornaments and mast)

If you are interested in one or both options and you want to buy / take over the Viking ship, you are invited to contact


25-2-2021  ]

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