Admiration for the Old Vikings

The more Henri learned about the Vikings and their ships, the greater his admiration for those ancient mariners grew.
It was hard to believe that people who lived more than 1000 years ago could be capable of such enormous shipbuilding and navigational feats.
The Vikings built fast ships that were capable of sailing all over the world - and they did, from the Baltic Sea, to the North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, and the Irish Sea.
To cap off those amazing achievements, the Vikings sailed clear across the Atlantic Ocean to North America - and this was more than 500 years before Columbus made his so-called discovery !

These mariners intrigued Henri.
How did the Viking merchant-sailors of Europe - the equivalent of the Dutch traders of the 16th and 17th centuries - come to be dismissed by so many historians as mere " barbarians " ?

Well, for the long answer, you’ll have to hit the books, but here, on the ORM site, Henri reveals some of the wonders of the Viking world.

25-2-2021  ]

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