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Material of other people

On those pages of the Orm is used of :

¤  Photo/drawnings

Yvonne Houben-van Keppel
Emiel van Lint
Oivind Skar
University Oslo
Johan van der Horn
Richard Garrett Design
Robert van den Berge
Egbert Feenstra
¤  Text

Robin Houben
Dick de Scally
Elaine Audette
Cees Korstanje
Inge van Stokkom
¤  Literature

Y. Cohat, De vikingen, heersers der Zee
The Oseberg find
Magnusson, Magnus, De Vikingen, Volk van veroveraars
The Viking
¤  Translation

English  :  Gail Klinck, Janice Sutcliffe, Debby Wilson
Swedish  :  Birgitta Kjernald
Peter Olausson
German  : Claudia Beckers, Peter Adrian , Mischa Hier


Octavio Augusto Okimoto Alves de Carvalho
Godhi Medhal Mikit Stór-ljon Oddhinsson
Ásatrú Vanatrú - Forn Sed Brazil
Maximilian Immo Orm Gorissen
João Silva
¤ Webmaster
Robin Houben

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